Optitester model P is a Digital Optical Parameter Tester to measure the Refractive parameters of eyeglasses and assess the conformity to the main Optical Standards

Digital Optitester model P measures eyeglasses, safety glasses, ski goggles, visors; in detail:

  • Refractive properties: spherical and astigmatic power.
  • Prismatic power: prism, and prism unbalance.

Conformity assessment of optical parameters is performed vs the following standards: ISO 12312-1:2015 – ANSI Z80.3:2018 – AS/NZS 1067:2016 – GB10810.1:2005 – JIS T 8141:2016 + Custom defined parameters – EN 166:2001 – ANS Z87.1:2015 – ANS/NZS 1337:2010 – ASTM F 659:10 (2018) – EN 174:2004 – ISO 18527

Optitester P executes quick and automatic measurement with data output stored in a data base and in a specific testing report.

Software to perform, without human uncertainties, the classification, acceptance or reject of the eyeglasses with friendly visual output pass/fail – green/red display signal. The measurement cycle is 1 second.

Digital Optitester P is equipped with head form that comply the ISO 18526-4 standard.


Automatic and contemporaneous measurement of optical refractive properties foreseen in the reference standards:

  1. Sun glasses (EN1836:2008 – ANSI Z80.3:2010 – AS/NZS1067:2003 -Z94.5:95 – GB10810.1:2005 – ISO 12312-1 + User defined parameters);
  2. Protection devices (EN 166:2001 – ANS Z87.1:2012 – ANS/NZS 1337:2010 – Z94.3:02).

Measured quantities :

  • Spherical power
  • Astigmatic power
  • Prismatic power
  • Prismatic power balance

The criteria necessary to decide whether a product meets the above standards are applied automatically for the acceptance or rejection of a product.

Very smart and quick to use the OPTITESTER can be operated by technicians without specific knowledge of standards requirements and without experience of optical laboratory activities.
Time to carry out a complete measurement is only 3 seconds. All measurements are showed on the screen together to the classification of the eyewear highlighted both graphically and in words.
It is possible to print a test report for each eyewear, save all the measures with the function “save” and save the testing reports.





  • ISO 12312-1:2015
  • ANSI Z80.3:2018
  • AS/NZS 1067:2016
  • JIS T 8141:2016
  • Custom defined parameters


Safety glasses and goggles

  • EN 166:2001
  • ANS Z87.1:2015
  • ANS/NZS 1337:2010


Ski Goggles

  • ASTM F 659:10 (2018)
  • EN 174:2004
  • ISO 18527




Dioptric power measurement:

Range +/- 0,25 D
Resolution 0,01 D
Accuracy 0,02 D


Prism and prism unbalance measurement:

Range +/- 1 DP
Resolution 0,01 DP
Accuracy 0,02 DP