Calibration of instruments is the way to keep confidence in measurement result especially when the measurement are used to asses conformity to standard or in measurement comparison.

With the process of calibration it is transferred the metrological traceability to international standards to the measurement instrument.
As manufacturer we offer a service of optical alignment, adjustment and calibration. We suggest you to perform it every year and in any case not over two years to keep the instrument in perfect measurement conditions.

Optitester are also equipped with a testing lens that, with a simple procedure descried in the instruction manual, allows the used to verify the need to undergo to an extraordinary adjustment and calibration process.

For all the company that are ISO 9001 certified or ISO 17025 accredited we supply a suitable calibration certificate with all the calibration data.

Below the contacts to organize adjustment and calibration service:

Arrange calibration with the Europe headquarter – worldwide service – OPTI INFO

Tel. / Fax:  (+39) 039 990 2270