Warranty Conditions:

  1. The OPTITESTER (PC included) is warranted for the period of twelve (12) months from the purchase date (date of the invoice).
  2. The warranty covers, exclusively, the production defects checked and verified by the manufacturer.
  3. The warranty is not applied in case of damages caused by negligence, failure to use the OPTITESTER for its normal purposes or incorrect installation, violations of the instrument.
  4. The warranty doesn’t cover:
    • Periodic check up and calibrations maintenance.
    • Repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.
    • Damages caused by accidental casuals or user’s negligence.
    • Damages due to incorrect mains voltage supplying the machine, improper ventilation.
    • Damages caused by electrostatic/inductive discharges or discharges caused by lightning or other phenomenon come from instrument outside.
    • Damages occurred during the transport.
    • Damage due to upload or modification of software in the PC.
    • Costs relating to transports, removal or installation of the instrument.
  5. The warranty is not valid if the machine is opened, dismounted.
  6. The warranty is not valid if the seals are removed or broken.
  7. The warranty reparations are made exclusively to the manufacturer’s seat or in other sites indicated by the manufacturer.
  8. In case of problems contact DUESSE TRADE  Via Campi, 3 – 23807 MERATE  (LC) – Italy Tel. / Fax  +39 039 99.02.270  e.mail verganimar@tiscali.it